Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ok, so it's been a very long time since i've posted. Here's a picture update of some of the things that have been happening in my life....

yup, we got the house we wanted!! here's a few pictures of the inside now!

the kitchen... one of my favorite rooms!! after putting 5 different colors on the wall we ended up with the one we started with... it grew on us!!! i hope to get new appliances however in the future!!!

dining room...

living room...

hallway bathroom...

guest bedroom....

three bedroom/office... still not set up or painted!!

master bedroom!!!!

master bathroom

and after we bought the house... we did this....

and i've never been happier. we honeymooned for 7 days and took a cruise to Mexico. it was the best week ever!!! i'm ready to go again.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

still breathing....

ok. so i know i haven't update in a loooong time, but my days have been spent cleaning, organizing, painting, etc.

i promise i will update soon and even post pictures of our new home... when i ever find the cord to my camera!

and i guess you know by now... we are now homeowners!! yay!

and getting married in 30 days!

night for now!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

house please!

so jacob and i put a contract on a house this week. it's actually the same house we put an offer on at the beginning of the month. the seller contacted our realtor this past monday and stated they would go down on the price. we liked what we heard, so we put in another offer and they accepted!! our inspection is scheduled for monday at 10. as long as that goes well... we're good to go!! i'm beyond excited! and our expected move in date is on or before aug 27. which is only 4 weeks away!!

tonight jacob and i had dinner with my parents and his dad and step mom at red lobster. it was a success too! they had never met, so i'm very happy everyone appeared to have a good time, which i knew we would!

heading to troy tomorrow for a lazy afternoon with the fiance.

10 weeks from tonight i'll be a married woman on my honeymoon! crazy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

11 weeks...

i can't believe in 77 days, i will be in my wedding dress, finishing pictures, and waiting to walk down the isle. i'm beyond excited and wish it would be here next weekend!!! although, maybe not that soon since i still have A LOT to do! tomorrow mom and i are heading to troy and then on to meet jacob's granny, who will be our florist. we next need to schedule a cake testing and pick out tuxes. after that it's mainly the small stuff. it'll be here before we know it.

i'm so excited about our honeymoon too. we're going on a cruise to mexico! and jacob booked for us to stay at the Battle House Hotel in Mobile to stay the night before we leave for our cruise. i LOVE that hotel. well, let me rephrase that, i LOVE the pictures and commericials of that hotel. i've never been there before! so i'm very excited about staying there!!! it's not often you stay at a 5 star hotel!! i'm a lucky girl!

work is getting busy. it's sad knowing that this month might be my last visits with a lot of these kids. some of them know already, and a few i haven't had the heart to tell them. it's hard to build a relationship with these children, especially the ones that don't have family they see or talk to, and then leave them. i know it has to be done, and i'll just be getting new kids in pike county. but it's still hard.

today is july 17. 4 years ago today i adopted meko and he came home with me. today is his "got ya day!"

Friday, July 9, 2010


sorry for the lack of posts. life has been crazy busy!! this time last week i was home sick with the flu. so i mostly just laid up and did nothing for a few days. i had to miss july 4th with the family at the lake, but i didn't want to risk giving the flu to anyone, especially my grandfather who hasn't been in the best health lately.

monday jacob and i went house looking with our realtor. we actually found a house we both loved and put an offer on the house. well, needless to say on tuesday after a few counter offers, we learned the seller is a jerk and wants way more out of the house than it's worth! so we had to walk away and say no. the pressure is on to get a house... i do not want to continue renting!! i'm tired of throwing my money away.

tonight jacob and i went and looked a two more houses, but yet again, were disappointed with what we saw. i know the right house for us is out there... somewhere!

i transfer to Pike Co DHR on august 16th. i'm sad to leave Elmore, but then again, i'm getting pretty tired of some of my current cases, so new cases might be a little refreshing! you can only handle so much drama with families until it starts to get to you!!

tomorrow i have my first wedding dress fitting!! yay. and then my friend lindsey is having her baby shower! tomorrow will be a good day!

minus the fact i won't see my love! =(

happy weekend!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

catch up

ok, so i know it's been awhile since i've posted, and i apologize. life has been crazy the past two weeks. let me see if i can even remember what all has happened...

last week i took off three days from work (june 16-18). However, my days weren't really spent as a vacation should be! wednesday morning i had a dentist appointment and then received a call from Pike County DHR stating my request to transfer had been approved!! yay. however... Elmore County has yet to give me an exact transfer date, but hopefully it'll be either august 2 or august 16. i'm so blessed to be able to transfer. i can live in the same town as my husband when we're married! how awesome is that?? =) later on that day we met with our wedding photographer for lunch and signed a contract with him. i'm very excited about it! check out some of his pics at after lunch we REGISTERED at walmart!! it took forever too, but we had a lot of fun. it's fun picking out things for people to buy you! haha. however, we were exhausted when we left.

thursday i slept in, but we were out registering by lunch time!! we registered at bed bath and beyond and target. let's just say by the time we finished those stores i was getting a little tired of picking out things! too much on the brain. we grilled out both wednesday and thursday night and just enjoyed spending the day together (jacob works weekends so we never get full days together!)

friday i met jacob in troy when he got off work at 2:30. we then registered at Family Ties in troy, and now i was really tired of registering! after that we rode with his mom to Sister's to plan the menu for the rehearsal dinner. then we headed to clio and ate dinner with his granny and some friends. i say dinner, but it took so long jacob and i were calling it a "midnight snack!"

saturday jacob came back to montgomery, and to tell you the truth.. i don't remember a thing we did!! i think we rented a movie?? i know sometime during the past two weeks we've seen Shutter Island, Sherlock Holmes, Legion, and Splice. now on what days, i have no idea!!! all were good except i didn't care for Legion and Splice was a little disturbing at times!

i had a good father's day with my dad. i arrived at my parents house and mom and i left dad at home by himself to rest and went shopping!! we later grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with dad and just hung out all afternoon. mom got a new Trailblazer, so that was fun/jealous to drive it around town!

this past week at work has been very stressful. not knowing when i'm leaving, trying to get my work all into the system and in order, and yet still getting 6 new foster kids added to my caseload in 1 week. it's kind of stressful too because 5 of them live out of the county! i currently have 22 kids in my caseload, and only 7 live in Elmore County. that's correct... i have to travel to see 15 kids!!! is that not crazy? and yet they expect me to be caught up when i leave? i'm not sure how because i'm pretty sure i'll spend the entire month of july driving!!!

wedding planning is coming along. ordered the invitations, yet when they arrived, the printing company made a mistake and printed my invites on stationary that wasn't completely there!! the background is supposed to have a floral design, yet the background was only printed on half the invite. very strange, but at least it wasn't my fault! so they're having to send me 200 more!

this past wednesday jacob and i were pre-approved for a mortgage!! it's exciting, but scary at the same time. i'm on-call till july 2, so hopefully next weekend i'll make it down to troy and start the searching process!

only 98 days left!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

wish lists

ok, so i'm way too tired from registering for the past TWO days to update this thing. so i'll do that later this weekend.

if you're curious, we're registered at Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Sears, and tomorrow we're registering at Family Ties in Troy.

We better get some of this stuff too! Please? =)